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Safety In Your Craft Shop

While crafts can be fun, and create many beautiful designs, the chemicals used to create your projects can be hazardous. As well as some of the tools that provide their own dangers. it is always important to be as safe as possible in your work area. The added need for caution is the fact that many adults share their new hobby with their children. While you know to be careful around certain things; children often times do not. Lets look at two areas to be aware of in your craft building area.

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The first thing you will want to document, is the number of chemicals that are used in your various projects. My previous post mentioned lye that is used in soaps. Undiluted lye can burn the skin and be extremely toxic if ingested or captured in the eyes. In the same category as lye, can be various paint thinners and solvents. Many artists and craft workers live by paint solvents to remove paint and other substances from tolls and/or skin. If you use it to remove things from your hands, you want to make very sure that you wash thoroughly with soap afterwards to remove any leftover solvent.



Another toxin is glue. Hobbyists use a number of different types of glue in their projects. Some as harmless as Elmer’s, and others that have have dangerous fumes. The glue and fumes can be flammable as well. Many people don’t realize that fumes can ignite just as easily as liquid. When S&S Heating and Air does Collegeville heating, they advise the art students to make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the work area, so hazardous fumes don’t build up.

The second biggest risk to safety is tools. many shops have cutting instruments that range from knives to saws. People don’t think about cutting safety until after an accident happens. Every work area should have gloves and goggles available for cutting exercises. If the knife or saw slips, a good strong pair of gloves can prevent a nasty cut from occurring. Goggles can prevent particles from flying up and getting into your eye. Most of these things should be common sense, but many fail to think about them because they are so excited about their craft projects. But a little planning can make everything be safe and fun.

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