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Why You Should Join a Crafting Group

Making and creating homemade crafts has seen a surge in popularity lately and people are trying out all kinds of new crafts.  There are lots of craft stores and with the internet you can easily and affordably get your hands on crafting supplies.  Many crafters practice their art all by themselves.  Crafting is used to relieve stress and make some handmade gifts and let’s face it, it can be fun.  Crafting doesn’t have to be a solitary experience though and there are crafting groups popping up all over the place.  You can create your favorite crafts and enjoy the social aspect at the same time.

Crafting groups are available for almost every type of craft imaginable from knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, quilting, beading and tons more.  You can tap into the expertise of others to help you advance your craft and you can use this opportunity to make new friends.  Here are some compelling reasons why you should join a crafting group in your area and some help on where to find one.

Benefits of Craft Groups:

  1. Meet people and make new friends.  When you are in a group with others doing the same type of crafts that you are you have natural conversations about different techniques, where you are having trouble.  You have the chance to both learn and teach others.
  2. More space to work.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated area in your home to do your crafts it probably isn’t as big or have large enough surfaces as you would have in a group.  Most people are completing crafts on their kitchen tables but a crafting group gives you more space and more help.
  3. Charity Projects.  Some of the local crafting groups work on big projects to give to charitable organizations.  Some will make blankets or hats for infants in the hospital and some will make clothes for homeless people trying to integrate back into the work force.
  4. You can learn a thing or two.  If you are new to your craft you can tap into the expertise of those who have been doing it for years.  You can pick up new techniques and as you get more experienced you can help others.
  5. Finish big projects quickly.  If you like making quilts, for example but don’t necessarily like taking a year to get the quilt finished then a group can not only help you complete the quilt but give you the encouragement you need to stick with it.

There are tons of benefits to joining a local crafting group, you can learn so much from the other crafters within your group.  It’s a great excuse to hang out with friends and maybe make some new ones along the way.  You can easily find groups on the internet, check out some local Facebook groups that meet up in real time, also MeetUp has tons of different groups that you can check out.